Technical data
External module voltage8,00 ÷ 30,0V
Battery capacitance3000 mAh/ 7,2 V
Operating temperature range-40°C ÷ +85°C
Communication standardsGSM 900 /1800 MHz
Localisation systemsGPS, GLONASS, GSM
GPS / GLONASS position accuracytipical: to 10 m
at low level signal: to 200 m
GSM position accuracyinside city: 100 ÷ 1000 m
out of  the city: 1 ÷ 30 km
Number of analog outputs2
Number of analog inputs2
Dimensions60,0 x 60,0 x 27,5 mm (mount - 80,0 x 60,0 x 27,5 mm)
Weight130 g
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  • Description

Attendo localisator device is designated to determine own geo-location. Additionally it has a possibility of reading and monitor inputs state and outputs steering. Localization information are sent by SMS text message or using a mobile internet connection (EDGE/GPRS) and are available to be read in a user’s mobile app and using a web browser. The localized has very high energy efficiency and is very small. Thank to those features, it may be placed in a luggage, motorcycle or in a car. It can also be used to inform about inputs alarms in houses, garages and especially places where an external power source is not available. 

Attendo localiser is available in three hardware versions, it has built-in GPS/GLONASS localization module, GSM module, GPS and GSM antennas and accelerometer with movement detection. Localization. The device gives you possibility of location and parameters reading. You can program it  by SMS text messages, from out website and using mobile app on your phone. You are also able to create multiple types of task schedules. 

Remote checking of battery level or SIM cards is possible by using mobile data transfer (GPRS). You are also able to get notifications about alarms from configurable inputs by SMS text message or CLIP call.