Technical data
Power voltage9 ÷ 63,5 V
 at 12V voltageat 24V voltage
Standby mode current load1,60 mA0,91 mA
Work mode current load 8,30 mA4,30 mA
Operating temperature range-40°C ÷ +85°C
CAN available speeds33,33 kb/s to 500 kb/s
UART available speeds4800 b/s to 125 000 b/s
Dimensions41,0 x 42,1 x 14,5 mm
Weight23,6 g


   Approval number: E20*10R05/01*004401*00

   Approval marking:
  • Description


Contactless CAN BUS reader SEO CANtouch allows reading of all vehicle’s digital transmissions. It reads not only 1- and 2-wire CAN transmissions, but also UART and many other. Conctactless reading does not require insulation of copper wire to be cut. It’s just a way of contactless connection, the device does not convert any data from CAN BUS. One SEO CANtouch is capable of reading one CAN BUS only – if SEOCANlog converter needs to be connected to two CANbuses, two SEO CANtouch readers are necessary.

            All digital CAN BUS speeds from 33,33 to 500 kb/s and all UART speeds from 4800 to 125000 b/s are readable. SEO CANtouch is the best contactless solution on the market – it does not lose any readable frames. In worst electromagnetic conditions the device is capable of reading 98% of frames. SEO CANtouch is only a reading device, so this solution does not allow all parameters available from CAN BUS to be read, because it does not send any data and requests into CAN BUS.