SEO CANpro (CANG) (11xxxxxx)

Technical data
External module voltage12V
Current draw on standby0,90 mA
Current draw when working28,00 mA ÷ 40,00 mA
Operating temperature range-40°C ÷ +85°C
Number of analog input10
Number of analog output18
Number of supported CAN buses2
Speeds readed from digital buses33,33 kb/s ÷ 500 kb/s
Dimensions84,2 x 35,6 x 15,0 mm

  • Description

SEO CANpro in combination with SEO PERFECT car security system or GSM/GPS module, provides excellent vehicles protection.

CANpro inverter works in monitoring mode. It waits for digital signal from the CAN bus, to translate it into analog signals that are issued to the appropriate output or analog signals, served on the appropriate 10-pin connector inputs. Analog signals are converted  into appropriate commands that via the CAN bus goes to the vehicle.

The new CANpro module has the ability to connect two CAN BUSes.