About Us

We have over 20 years experience in automotive products.

We design and manufacture multi-functional, world’s – unique devices which work with vehicle’s digital data transmission CAN BUS, J1939, J1708/1587, K-Line, LIN, etc.

Our customers are manufacturers, integrators and installers of GPS/GLONASS/GSM systems. In additional we manufacture equipment for personal use, Car Security Systems and AVLs.

We provide data for over a thousand cars and other types of vehicles including electric cars, trucks, buses, construction, agricultural, grain harvesters, forestry, utility machinery and special vehicles like forklifts, cranes, pumps, temperature controlled semi-trailers, reachstackers, container handlers, etc.

Our devices are also able to read Tachographs including DDD files. We can assign the name of the driver, enable remote diagnostics and help optimize fuel consumption and increase longevity of vehicle components through our Eco driving system.

In additional to these features, using our fleet management system, you can for example define vehicle’s movement fences on the map – Geo zones.


Years on the market
Supported vehicles
Offered products
3 000 000+
Products sold