Usage examples

  • Remote steering


    Choose modern solutions to upgrade your vehicle fleet.  Make your cars remotely available using our CANG or CANG UART.

  • Fleet management


    Use a transport supporting system SEO NaviMax and feel comfortable about more effective work of your company. With the use of our product you can analise e. g. fuel consuption, employees driving style, level of car exploitation, trace of each vehicle, tasks execution. Helpful application’s interface makes your fleet management process easier and no longer lets you work without our devices.

  • ECO driving

    ECO DRIVING – More than driving style

    We will help you raise your company gains by lessening vehicles exploitation and fuel usage.  SEO NaviMax system rates your employees driving style, providing healthy rivalry and culture on the road. Using SEO NaviMax you have a real influence on the environment by cutting down the CO2 emission and noise.

  • Servicing info


    Let the system take care of safety and proper vehicle functionality. Receive information in form of digitalised parameters or icons when your car needs servicing. Everything based on the GPS/GSM system.

  • Vehicle localisation


    Vehicle fleet safety is one of priorities of each company. SEO Attendo device is a guarantee of quality and effectiveness. System has a possibility of any GPS/GSM frequency choice and GPS/GSM accurate position signal sending directly to the server or by SMS text message.  

  • Property security


    Take care of comfortable utility and safety confidence in your holiday house using SEO Attendo. The only thing is to install the device which activates automatically after disturbing security area. Information from the device is sent directly to the server or determined phone number.

  • Company car


    Verify the kilometers trail switching over “company” and “private” SEO NaviMax modes and hold full control of vehicles fleet usage. Monitoring your employees vehicle maintenance style makes you more confident and increases your staff reliability.

  • GEO Zones


    Schedule control zones which define the localisation of your vehicles. After overrunning defined area, system automatically alerts you of the happening. Each device may have a dozen or so defined geo zones – dependably on the needs. Deciding to use SEO NaviMax you gain certainty of 24/7 vehicle monitoring and real time alerts receiving.

  • Vehicle route


    Vehicle route reconstruction is a significant factor in fleet management support. By choosing a particular time range, you get the moving object preview which shows taken route and currently displayed parameters e.g. door closed/opened, engine emergency, passenger’s presence, fuel level, vehicle speed etc. Those parameters are very important from the fleet manager’s point because of employee driver’s day process detailed information. SEO devices help you precise employees traffic law accordance and control.

SEO Advantages

  • CAN BUS devices
  • AVL and GPS/GLONASS/GSM systems
  • Car security systems
ECO Driving System

Easy to support and invented to rationalize the control of safety and the vehicle exploitation system. ECO Driving lessens your maintenance costs, optimalises your fleet expenses and helps to take care about the surrounding environment.


To verify your vehicle’s errors we use the Diagnostic Trouble Code. It defines the system which is responsible for the trouble status. The solution is to react quickly and provide your company with the economy.

Definable Geo Zones

We created the configurable map zone – based system which assures you with the company’s fleet surveillance and particular driver’s work rating. Using our self – designed application you are guaranteed to have effective management and the advanced safety system of your business.

Tachograph / DDD files

The tachograph function allows you to remotely access the devices and the driver cards data. Choose the time saving and cost reducing solutions which are the SEO Electronics services. Download your DDD files and enjoy the fleet control from wherever you are.

World’s largest vehicle database

20 – years market presence experience makes us the most reliable company in the electronic motorization industry. By constant vehicle data base increase, we follow the newest technological trends and adjust to up to date solutios.

Contactless devices upgrade

SEO Electronics devices are able to be upgraded remotely – this is the way to notably increase the efectiveness of our products usage and help the client to receive the technical support immediately.

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