SEO CANeasy with FMS SAE J1939 output (P/N 35xxxxxx, 75xxxxxx)

Technical data
Voltage9 ÷ 63 V (12V, 24V, 48V)
 at 12 Vat 24 V
Current draw on standby3,1 mA1,5 mA
Current draw when working12,4÷18,8 mA6,0÷9,5 mA
Operating temperature range-40°C ÷ +85°C
Speeds read from digital buses1,2 kb/s ÷ 1 Mb/s
Dimensions41 x 33 x 14 mm
The effectiveness of data reception with minor/strong electromagnetic interferences100%/98%
PCB markingU448


   Approval number: E20*10R05/01*004401*00

   Approval marking:
  • Description

SEO CANeasy contactless converter allows reading of all vehicle’s digital transmissions. It reads not only 1- and 2-wire CAN transmissions, but also UART, J 1939, J 1708/1587, K-LINE, LIN and many others. Contactless reading does not require insulation of copper wire to be cut.

            All digital CAN BUS speeds from 33,33 to 500 kb/s and all UART speeds from 4800 to 125000 b/s are readable. SEO CANeasy is the best contactless solution on the market – it does not lose any readable frames. In worst electromagnetic conditions the device is capable of reading 98% of frames. SEO CANeasy is a contactless CAN reader and CAN converter all-in-one. Not all the parameters from CAN BUS may be read, because SEO CANeasy does only read CAN data. It does not transmit any requests into CAN BUS. One SEO CANeasy is capable of reading one CAN BUS only – if SEO CANeasy contactless converter needs to be connected to two CANbuses, a SEO CANtouch reader is necessary.

            Thanks to advanced algorithms, SEO CANeasy is capable of automatically selecting the Program number adequate for specific vehicle. Furthermore SEO CANeasy device chooses 8 additional Program numbers that may also be compatible with specific vehicle. The efficiency of selecting the correct Program number is 89%.