Technical data
External module voltage9 ÷ 63,5 V
 at 12 V voltageat 24 V voltage
Current draw on standby0,40 mA0,33 mA
Current draw when working23,50 mA11,5 mA
Current draw when using one contactless CANtouch reader
Current draw on standby2,00 mA1,24 mA
Current draw when working31,80 mA15,80 mA
Operating temperature range-40°C ÷ +85°C
Speeds readed from digital buses9,6 kb/s ÷ 1 Mb/s
Dimensions41 x 33 x 14,5 mm
PCB markingP145


   Approval number: E20 10R-04 3878

   Approval marking:
 10R-04 3878


   Approval number: E20*10R05/01*004400*00

   Approval marking:
  • Description

SEO CANlog is a multifunctional, passive – active (reading – transmitting) converter obtaining data from digital buses (CAN, J 1939, J 1708/1587, K-LINE, LIN and others) from different types of machinery and cars by contact or contactless way using CANtouch reader (when only data receiving/listening is needed).

CANlog converter reads all data, analyzes it and sends GPS/GSM systems useful data using a defined protocol (via RS 232 or UART).


Device may contain full software suitable for all possible machines and the software may be changed/extended/updated at any time using server and GPS/GSM systems or via internet using bootloader (O350 interface); switch on the board allows to select the program number for a particular machine. Update of program from the server is only possible when protocol 2.0 implemented.

CANlog reads data from the 1- and 2- wire CAN-BUSes of specified vehicles:

  • passenger cars,
  • vans,
  • trucks,
  • buses,
  • agricultural machinery,
  • construction machinery,
  • forest industry equipment,
  • cargo handling equipment (harbor),
  • mining equipment,
  • road machinery,
  • forklift trucks
  • and other special machines.

Device is also able to read data from tachographs. 

A complete database of derived parameters from cars with diagrams is available on the website after entering the assigned login and password. 

CANlogs PCB (CANlog P145_5V) can be connected to GPS/GSM device using gold PINs (for this purpose the holes around the edges of the PCB are designed), or it can function as an external module connected to the control panel using additional wiring. CANlog working as an internal device is powered by 5V from GPS/GSM device. On this PCB the 60V power block with voltage converter is not mounted.

CANlog reader is designed for permanent installation in vehicles of category M1 and N1 with the electrical system 12V-24V-48V (the power is supplied via e.g. GPS/GSM) and ground signal. Module is attached to the PCB board of GPS/GSM device using gold PINs and is powered by 5V voltage.