Technical data

Supply voltage

12V +/-25%

Current consumption when armed

13 mA

Current consumption when unarmed

8 mA

Current consumption from ignition (after ignition start)

10 mA

Alarm duration

25-30 s.

Alarm delay for rearming

30 s.

Working temperature range

-40°C ÷ +85°C

Constant blockage load

max 15 A

Blinkers load

2 x 5 A

Horn output load

2 A

Central locking "CLOSE" output load

170 mA

Central locking "OPEN" output load

170 mA

Output load, which passes ground to additional sensors

170 mA

Additional channel load (if soldered)

170 mA

  • Description

SEO Concerto is a new generation of world-wide unique autoalarms. Comfortable maintanance and easy mounting system are, next to the reliability, main device’s features.

Usage functionality, supported by up to date construction, let the autoalarm be in top of the world’s vehicle protection solutions.

Autoalarm functions:

– parking autolocalisation

– loud/quiet system arming and rearming

– locks steering system when ignition on/off

– movement detectors turn off possibility

– Panic mode (remote alarm activation)

– sensor failure or door unclocking info

– low battery level signalisation

– rearming after accidental arming

– service mode