Technical data

Supply voltage

12V +/-25%

Current consumption when armed


Current consumption when armed (when door open or 30min since closing door or turning ignition on)

49 mA

Current consumption when unarmed

11 mA

Working temperature range

-40°C ÷ +85°C

Constant blockage load

max 15 A

Transponder frequency


  • Description

SEO Symphony Immobiliser is a leader on auto safety market. This contact electronic device secures the vehicle detaching electric installation circuits and locking them only after putting a dedictaed key ring in the area of hidden reader’s electromagnetic field activity. SEO Symphony is the highest quality and dependance determinant, based on solid, iryd-silver construction of relay connectors.


– two circuits blocking electrical system
– service mode
– emergency PIN code system rearming
– saved memory in case of power decline


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