Technical data

Supply voltage

12V +/-25%

Current consumption when armed


Current consumption when unarmed

5 mA

Current consumption from ignition (after ignition start)

8 mA

Alarm duration

25-30 s.

Working temperature range

-40°C ÷ +85°C

Constant blockage load

max 15 A

Blinkers load

2 x 5 A

Horn output load

2 A

Output load for rearming function

170 mA

Output load, which passes ground to additional sensors

170 mA

Output load, which passes +12V to additional sensors

170 mA

  • Description

Keyless autoalarm system adjusted to vehicle digital CAN bus. The cooperation with CAN module creates a perfect resistance from the theft. 


– “comfort” function – windows and sunroof closing
– programmable “comfort” function time
– inner engine blockade
– programmable immobiliser function 
– immobiliser service mode 
– additional sensors input
– all alarm outputs electronic security 
– non-closed door signalisation with alarm on
– door security turn on delay when extended cabin lighting
– inner security turn on delay (eliminates disturbs caused by voltage falls)
– automatic alarm arming after accidental rearming 
– emergency PIN code rearming
– quiet / loud alarm turn on / off 
– memory of alarm sources  
– alarming limit