Technical data

Supply voltage

12V +/-25%

Current consumption when armed


Current consumption when unarmed

5 mA

Current consumption from ignition (after ignition start)

8 mA

Alarm duration

25-30 s.

Working temperature range

-40°C ÷ +85°C

Constant blockage load

max 15 A

Blinkers load

2 x 5 A

Horn output load

2 A

Output load for rearming function

170 mA

Output load, which passes ground to additional sensors

170 mA

Output load, which passes +12V to additional sensors

170 mA

  • Description

Professional alarm system compatible with factory central locking key. Comfort connected with two remote pilots in one device, adjustment to hundreds of vehicle models as well as termless guarantee make SEO PERFECT device unique.


– “comfort” function – windows and sunroof closing
– programmable “comfort” function time
– inner engine blockade
– programmable immobiliser function 
– immobiliser service mode 
– additional sensors input
– all alarm outputs electronic security 
– non-closed door signalisation with alarm on
– door security turn on delay when extended cabin lighting
– inner security turn on delay (eliminates disturbs caused by voltage falls)
– automatic alarm arming after accidental rearming 
– emergency PIN code rearming
– quiet / loud alarm turn on / off 
– memory of alarm sources  
– alarming limit